Another Hectic Semester!

There’s always a lot to do here in the archives at St. Bonaventure.  This semester we’re processing a collection of Fred McCarthy’s papers.  McCarthy was the creator of Brother Juniper, a character invented here at SBU during the 1940’s.  The cartoon appeared in print from 1958 to 1989.  We’re also cataloging our artifact collection, creating a list of the important dates in our athletic program’s history, working with the papers of a science fiction writer and a poet, and taking care of the day-to-day archival business.

Take a look at some earlier work on the McCarthy Collection here:

For an overview of our collections and web sites this is a good place to begin:


Hello world!

Monkey-fish, Feejee/Fiji Mermaid by any other name…

Feejee Mermaid

Feejee/Fiji Mermaid
By any name, it’s ugly.

Welcome to the SBU Archives’ blog.  We’ll post here from time to time as items of interest pop up.  The Monkey-fish caught my eye since we have one of its cousins here at SBU.  The question is whether or not ours actually came from the P.T. Barnum collection.  The paper trail is fuzzy but it does lead in that direction.  One of the unsolvable mysteries in our history.