It must be February!

What is it about February?  While it is hard to tell that winter is here this year, the usual hubbub of activity is definitely present.

Of course, midterm time has come for our students and work schedules adjust accordingly as desperate study sessions come into play.  But it’s also a time for research with capstone projects coming up sooner that folks had realized and a slew of outside requests for information.  Genealogists and sports historians are popping up and we even had a scholar here for four days last week investigating the history of religious education and educators.

All this reminds us of why we’re actually here.  It isn’t just to process the continuing stream of new material (and that backlog!) but to make it available for exactly the purposes all these people are using it for.  An ancillary benefit of this burst of use of the collection is that it has brought to the surface a number of those backlogged items which are now being processed.  It also pointed out some material in those collections that we weren’t aware of at all.  It means that next time we go digging for an answer our finding aids will be even more effective at giving us a complete view of what we actually have.

Coming up–Spring Break!



Last week we upgraded our web site’s home page.  Our list of web pages was getting out of hand so we took the opportunity to spread them out topically and add a little more visual interest to the index pages.  It also freed up room to add photos of all of my assistants and interns.  There’s a (small) boat load of them this semester!  We added a brand new student assistant and brought back another who’d been away for a while, too.  Jenna and Krista jumped right into the piles of backlogged newpapers and press releases.  We’re making a lot of progress this term.


You never know

Digging around in the basements of buildings on campus is usually dirty work and this was no exception. The pile of material we looked at in Doyle’s storage area had been there for a long time and accumulated the appropriate layer of dust.  We were looking for material that should be saved for the library or the archives and found interesting and useful bits of Bona’s history in those dark recesses of Doyle Hall.  Stuck in the midst of it all was a piece of paper that became even more relevant Super Bowl Sunday.

Unrelated to anything else in the 30 cubic feet of files I discovered a note on Pittsburgh Steelers’ letterhead.  It turned out to be from Steelers owner Art Rooney to our own Francis “Griff” Griffin.  For those of you who don’t recognize the name Griff grew up across the street from campus and ended up working here for all but one of year of his career.  Follow this link to a biographical piece on our web site about this Bonnie “lifer”.  Of course, the bigger news this week was John “Jack” Butler’s selection for the Football Hall of Fame.  Butler, and other Bonnie football players, are noted here on our football site.